About Us

Welp… to put it plainly, my garden saved my life. During a time when my life was uncertain and in a very turbulent place; my garden gave me an opportunity to work out my frustrations, to nurture, and be amazed all in the same entity.

Maryland Stir Fry; a compilation of my garden adventures, growing, wine, and graphics. Here I share what i knnow, what i’ve learned, and anything i can think of that can help you in your garden journey. 

I started my garden in 2022 but as i grew up, i would spend saturday mornings & sunday afternoons in the nurseries & garden beds. As soon as pring hit, my mom would take me with her to the garden centers to get her flowers for the season. 

Since moving back to the DMV, she and I have bonded even more over our plants, the flower beds, the garden, & sneaking trips to the nursery before the children get home from school.

and so…

I’m sharing a little taste of my Maryland life and my love of gardening with you.


Oh yea… and I’m gonna (yes, spelled like that on purpose) be working on my Master Gardener Certification next year (2024) So Look out for that journey too!