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Stir Fry?

YEP! Stir Fry. a little bit of this… a little bit of that… a lot of bit of that over there… & “TA-DA”! You have a Stir Fry. Maryland Stir Fry started out as my garden, and has evolved into gardening quotes, Maryland pride gear, recipes and tools to help you in your gardening journey too! 

& Merch

I’m a Designer by Nature…

So… by trade, I’m a graphic Designer & Web designer. All the proceeds from the shirts, glassware and printables are designed by me! as soon as the garden has a bigger yield, there WILL be seeds available too!

My Goal is to share what I've learned, in the hopes that it can help you as you grow your garden & to build a community around growing food, drinking wine, and loving plants!

Recipes & things

So… outside of growing the things… we cook, juice, and dry out the things we grow.

  Come take a look at some of the recipes I’ve found or experimented with, that have turned out to be a hit with the family & with friends!

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